New Signup Functionality
Date:10.12.2010 16:36:40
Author:William Walters
We are proud to announce improved signup functionality for our clients. Till this moment when you signed for one of our hosting plans the system would generate a random password and send it to your e-mail address. Users tend to dislike random passwords since they are very often hard to remember. No longer will you have such problems as you will be able to sign up with your own password now. We have added the option for you to use your e-mail address as well as your Client ID in order to login to the system. Once you sign-up for one of our hosting plans, you will receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link and your login credentials. If you are not able to receive the e-mail then you can login to your control panel before the completion of the activation process and change the address you want the confirmation e-mail sent to. This will allow you to resend the activation link to another e-mail address. Once you click the link your account will appear as activated and they will be able to start using your hosting services.
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