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  • Easy to use visual content editing with no coding
  • Many stunning designs to choose from or build your own
  • A complete website solution for your business

Your Website - Your Way

Lets say you already have some pages on your website describing what you do or what is your business. That's already pretty awesome because people can now find you easier and contact you. But what if you could accept orders directly from your website? With the right plugin you can get paid quickly and your clients are going to be satisfied.

More Functionality - Better User Experience

The more fluid and seamless the user experience of your website is, the more likely it is you're going to get more business. No one likes a badly designed website where you can't find what you're looking for. With our website builders that won't be a problem. With such a good visitor satisfaction you can expect lots of returning customers.

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Creating your website is exceptionally easy with concrete5

  • Easy to use in-context editing
  • 1-click installation via the Zacky Installer
  • Both large and small businesses trust concrete5

Easy to Theme

With concrete5, it's your design that defines the process. You can convert basic HTML into a concrete5 theme in a few minutes. Simply copy and paste a line of PHP code for any area you want editable, and you're done.

Make Anything, No Strings Attached

Build what you design, no restrictions or limitations. Isn't it awesome that you can just click on every element of your site and change it right there from your browser? It doesn't get easier than that!

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Wow! FREE domains!

.biz.ht - FREE Domain Names for Business websites

Biz.ht Hosting domain name free offer is valid for yearly web hosting, and the number of free sub-domains of .biz.ht (3rd level domain names) provided depends on the free web hosting or paid hosting plan chosen, owners of business sites are proposed to use .biz.ht extension, e.g.:

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.me.ht - Free Domains for Personal sites

Biz.ht Hosting offers a number of free domain names included with each free hosting and paid hosting plan. The free subdomains of .me.ht (free 3rd level domains) are proposed for personal web sites, e.g.:

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